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Collaborative Business Intelligence


Our Analytics platform meets the requirements of user’s right from data discovery and ad-hoc analysis, to interactive reporting and dashboards, to domain-specific applications, to event-driven real-time analysis, and powerful predictive analytics – all from a single architecture. 

There is wealth of decision support information hidden within the data which is usually un-noticed or remains un-utilized because of the dynamic pace business run. Decision makes can make best of it if the process of this data was ever made user friendly and as simple as available on a press of button. Discovering visions unseen in Big Data and real time events to identify calculated business opportunities or threats is the name of the game to stay ahead over competitors.

dCode services offers ease to diagnose the data to the expected level of detail, drastically fast-tracking decision making while dramatically reducing cost and dependence on IT.

Your organization can leverage analytics and data sighting platform to empower your team anytime, anywhere capabilities to make the most insightful decisions.

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